Self-Help Skills
Feed myself using my hands and utensils
Hold my own cup and drink from it without a lid
Learn to sit at the table when eating and drinking
Social Skills/Manners
Try to share with my little friends
Learn to be patient when waiting my turn
Learn to communicate verbally with my little friends
Safety Skills
Stay away from dangerous objects such as outlets
Use furniture properly instead of climbing on everything
Hold hands when going on a walk
Communication Skills
Use my courtesy words, "Please" and "Thank You"
Listen to simple directions and follow them
Express emotions through music and art
Use words instead of actions or noises to express my feelings and needs
Gross Motor Skills (Large Muscle)
Run & jump without tripping
Kick, catch and throw a ball
Climb on the jungle gym
Fine Motor Skills (Small Muscle)
Hold a crayon, marker, paint brush
Perform finger plays with and without music
Improve eye-hand coordinadtion


7:30am – Arrival, parents drop off.
8:00am – Breakfast, indoors.
8:30am – Music time, indoors/ outdoors*. On Tuesdays we have Music Class with Jeff Labes. AM snacks are served a little latter on Tuesdays.
9:30am – Circle time (infants have a different schedule) also Art & Crafts Wednesdays & Fridays usually outdoors*. Our infants sleep twice per day, 10:30am & 2:30pm for 1 hour and 30 minutes usually.
10:30am – Snack time, outdoors*.
11:30am – Transition inside, wash hands and diaper change.
12:00pm – Lunchtime with all kids together, indoors.
12:45pm – Toddlers nap time till 2:15pm. Infants’ free play outdoors*.
2:30pm – Snack for toddlers outdoors*. Infants are inside to prep for nap.
3:30pm – Gymnastic outdoors*, walks to Gerstle Park walks, games, clay, water table (weather permitting), etc.
4:30pm – Snack time, outdoors*.
5:00 to 5:30pm – Departure, parents’ arrival.
* All the activities done outdoors are weather permitting.
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