Deciding on Daycare: Important Questions to Ask Potential Providers.
Choosing a daycare provider for your children can be the most difficult and most important thing you will ever do for them. Many parents
are financially unable to be full time parents; therefore, children are entered into daycare programs. Whether your child will be attending a private in-home daycare or a commercial daycare center, it is extremely important that each potential care center is properly inspected and that you have had numerous positive communications with the provider. Below is a list of important questions that every parent should ask when this meeting occurs.
What are you hours of operation? Before you spend a large amount of time investigating a provider, you should first make sure that they are able to care for your children according to your work schedule.
Are you a registered provider with your state? Many states require a person to become a registered daycare provider once they reach a certain amount of children under their care. Often times, states require these providers to take up-to-date classes pertaining to childcare and first aid.
How many children are currently under your care and what are their ages? This is an important question, because parents want to ensure that there is enough supervision to go around for each child. In addition, it is essential to have other children around the same age of your child. This will encourage interaction between others and often times children learn important skills from viewing others.
Is there a set schedule for feeding, napping, and playtime? If the answer is yes, this is a good sign that your potential provider is knowledgeable and organized.
We’ve been sending our son to Lucca Bambucca for four months (since he was four months old) and have been very pleased the care the day care provides.
It’s a special place. A home day care center where you get the best parts of any home: family, both Rejane’s, the staff, and children, as well as a safe, nurturing environment for our kids. However, we also appreciate how Rejane runs Lucca Bambucca. There is structure through which we’ve seen first hand help our son develop a solid eating and sleeping routine. Her house and the children’s areas, including the backyard, is very well set up, maintained, and cleaned. The kids also have loads of activities such as music class and yoga with real teachers. There is also no TV, which was no small selling point for us. Lastly, it’s been invaluable having Rejane as a resource. As new parents her advice and openness have been reassuring and greatly appreciated.
If you are looking for a structured, clean, and knowledgeable day care, my family would fully recommend Rejane and Lucca Bambucca to yours.
Isabel & Stephen (Bobby's parents)
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Created/Updated by Rejane Hurst-Lewis