2018   CALENDAR                                  2019   CALENDAR

January 9th (Monday) Resume Daycare - open                      January 7th (Monday) Resume Daycare - open

15th (Monday) Martin L. King’s Day                                            21st (Monday) Martin L. King’s Day

February 19th (Monday) President’s Day                                  February 18th (Monday) President’s Day

May 28th (Monday) Memorial Day                                               May 27th (Monday) Memorial Day

July  4th  (Wed ) Independence Day                                             July  4th  (Thru) Independence Day

July  9th thru  July  27st Summer Vacation                                June   17th thru  28th  &  July 22nd thru 26th   Vacation  (3 weeks)


September 3rd (Monday) Labor Day                                            September 2nd (Monday) Labor Day

 November 12th (Monday) Veteran’s Day                                   November 11th (Monday) Veteran’s Day

Nov 22nd & 23rd (Thu & Fri) Thanksgiving                                Nov 28th & 29th (Thu & Fri) Thanksgiving       

Dec 24th -  Jan 4th Recess (back on Monday, 7th 2019)         Dec 23rd -  Jan 3rd Recess (back on Monday, 6th 2020)    


Same as San Rafael City School  2018-2019  and  2019-2020  Calendars


We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm all year round, except for the listed paid holidays above.

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